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Capri Light published

capri4It’s another camshaft lamp, made from a Ford Capri, so you’ll find it in the Car section, imaginatively entitled Capri Lamp. It’s a monster and to you, dear reader, only £90.

Mahogany, chrome, industrial design, cool lamp!

Gimme a shout if you’re interested.

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Bispham Community Centre – FY2 0HH

I love the events at Bispham, they are really well organised and the centre has a great feeling about it. There’s a great cafe and always a warm welcome.


What do you mean you don’t believe me? Get over to FY2 0HH, tell ’em I sentcha, and try it for yourself.

If you are still not sure after that, come and find me, I’ll spit in yer eye and we’ll all agree you just had a warm welcome!

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Crafty Weekender – Saturday – PR5 0AG



Up and at ’em early again! This time with two little helpers all day which I’m really going to enjoy – I hope Patrick and Ciara do as well. They’ve got the joys of the whole of Brockholes, the adventure playground (if the rain will stop) and all the other stalls – will I make money? Probably not with two little sets of eyes looking at the other stalls!

Set your Sat Navs to PR5 0AG and I’ll see you when you get there – if you get past the wandering magician, the crooner and more that are set to make it a memorable weekend. (I’m at Bispham on Sunday – more of that later!)


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Clitheroe Artisan Market BB7 1AZ

What a good day today was.

clitheroeIf you weren’t there you missed some treats, some great photos and cards, proper artisan jewellery not just beads and wire, really cool steam-punk stuff, artisan chocolate (expensive but tasty) and lil’ ole me.

I’m booked back in for the next one in July, third Saturday, think that’s the 20th. Even if you are not around the BB7 postcode you should make the journey to get into the postcode and then come see us all at the merry little band of artisans who will be doing the second ever Artisan Market in Clitheroe!

Have a great weekend everyone, and super Dad’s day to all of you tomorrow.


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Web Update

PF_PhoneThis is how I feel – Not on top of the world working at the Olympics, but stuck in technology with no escape, even through the screen!

I’ve just spent the last two hours adding more products and pages to the website. I think we are nearly there with what I’ve got in stock / stock at the moment.

Added : – Pages on Slimline pens, Fountain pens, Secret compartment key rings, Mini clocks, Combi Stoppers, Beer, and Wine stoppers pages.

Updates :- Menu system and Fairs Page

In doing this I’ve also realised that there was no really easy way for a customer to get in contact. Feedback forms added to all pages and for all the new pages a bit at the end of each that says, if you are interested, if you want to know what’s ready for immediate posting (as I forgot it was Uncle Peter’s Birthday next Tuesday) then all you have to do is leave a comment and from there I should be able to get in contact with you and we can make progress.

I hope that’s what I’ve done today – made progress. It feels that my head is going to burst with all the technology / gismo’s / I.T. and the like I’ve fathomed and got my head around.

Have a great day!

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Lea Methodist Big Lunch


Fun, stalls and cakes in the sun until 2pm.

Set Sat Nav to PR2 1UN

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June 8, 2013 · 10:09 am

Alston Hall

Alston2 AlstonWhat a beautiful setting and a well organised event with a whole range of different crafts and skills on display. This event was my highlight of the year to date. I got a great location on the landing, and with the new rocker and camshaft lights I could display well and could easily have seen myself as a character in a murder game – Cleudo does Alston Hall.

It was Woody Turner, with the camshaft lamp, on the Hall Landing – Guilty M’lud!

Have a great day and week – looks like the sun is here for a few days. Roll on the next fair – The Big Dinner – Lea Methodist – Saturday 10-2pm.

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Rockers Added


Hi, I made it, just (in time) for tomorrow’s fair at Alston Hall but, I’ve got a pair of rockers available!

Austin is from a 1275 Mini whereas Princess is from the similarly named 1970’s classic. Mounted onto three coat varnished mahogany (Austin) and ash (Princess), they have plastic containers for the pens pencils and paperclips in your life. Princess is eco friendly having low wattage bulbs, Austin is more rock’n’roll having traditional lighting fitments. Both have 6A switching and 3A fuses and have been well tested. Austin is on the shelves at £40, Princess is £50. They’ve got their own page in the car section. I think they’re gonna be popular!

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