Desk Jockeys

Sick of a cluttered desk? Where is that pen?


Look no further! Grab a car based desk tidy for the petrolhead in you. There are some rare items in the new range and a whole range of hardwoods and reclaimed fifty three year old pine.

I can’t lie, I’ve had fun designing and making these and I’ve two secret favourites. They’re the PI, ideal for a maths teacher but taken from the souped up Triumph 2000 in the 2.5 straight six Power Injected version, that’s a pillar badge from 1963-77. My second fave is the Hillman Imp ‘Super’ badge, again from the 70’s and the nick in the top looks like a fault, but that’s where the ‘I’ in Imp sat on top of the super badge.


In no particular order:

  • Honda – A CB750 tank badge mounted on mahogany, three pen.
  • Vanden Plas – A boot badge from the Vanden Plas range, maybe a Princess (pre-Leyland) on reclaimed 1963 pine, waxed only.
  • Vertical M – MG BGT centre boot badge. 1970’s mounted on mahogany.
  • Vertical D – Daimler bonnet centre on 1963 pine. Nail holes and fatigued. Antique oil finish.
  • Vertical PI – Triumph 2.5PI, pillar badge mounted on two tone reclaimed oak.
  • Vertical MG – Midget / B / GT badge mounted on mahogany block.
  • Horizontal MG – As above but mounted on distressed reclaimed mahogany, 3 pen.
  • Vertical CL – Triumph 2.5CL model, pillar badge mounted on reclaimed, distressed mahogany.
  • Vertical Ghia – 1970’s trim badge, single or two pen in mahogany.
  • Horizontal Super – Hillman Imp Super boot badge, single pen.
  • Horizontal Singer – Singer cars boot badge, three pen on slightly distressed reclaimed mahogany.

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