Combination Stopper

I love the design of these. Either a T-bar corkscrew with attached stopper or wine stopper with concealed corkscrew. These really are dual purpose and will help out any household whilst also looking great!

Stopper1These are best made from the best woods, whether with burr, spalting, other turners blemish or just best quality woods, these when finished really look the business.

I’ve been lucky to have picked up some very old Oak Burr from a retired turner Reg. Have a look at the quality of the wood swirls. The pitting on the opposing face also adds to the look of old world wood meets new world design.

I think I prefer the gear knob (as opposed to the T-bar) style of these, for me they sit better in a bottle whilst still having enough space for purchase to pull that awkward cork. The T-bar obviously gives you the knees bent, grip the bottle and huge pressure pull to uncork that 1980’s Sangria over the gear knob style, but for me, I personally prefer the looks of the other.

Priced at only £17.50 (£7.50 less than the combined price of a stopper and separate corkscrew) these will make an excellent addition to your drinks cabinet and will be a ready conversation piece the next time you uncork a classic.

As ever, gimme a shout by making a comment on the page if you want one. I can then either make one to your commission, or let you know what I’ve got for immediate posting.

Have a great day!

Gallery below, showing American Purpleheart, Rosinga, Pippy Burr Oak, Walnut, Rosinga, African Blackwood, Leadwood and Acrylic.

Stopp[er2 Stopper3 Stopper4 Stopper5


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