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Extinguishing Times


Delighted to have found a 1970’s powder fire extinguisher made in Blackburn! It has the knocks, bumps and bruises from a 47 year life. It was last serviced in 1986 when business suits had shoulder pads.


With a bit of fettling it could now grace any boardroom and illuminate big business deals. Just don’t try and put a fire out with it!

Have an awesome week.

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Gear Shaft Lamp


I’ve recently acquired a large, and very heavy box of bits and pieces, recovered from the out bin at HG Motorcycles. The first make from that load is using one of the gear shafts as the basis for a lamp.

Once the reclaimed oak (it was all cracked when I got it) is added as a base and the Edison bulb is stuck on the top, I hope you agree that it’s a rather good looking lamp for an office or desk of a petrol-head.


Have a great day and keep the black side down and blue side up!

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Primus Lamp

I’ve made a couple of these before, probably two or three years ago, but I finally caught up with a suitably ‘distressed’ stove and the required pieces to make another lamp. Marked as Made in Sweden, Primus 1 this as the right patina and look. The stand has clearly been well used. It’s benefitted from a good hours wire brushing and has also been waxed.


With the addition of an Edison bulb which gives a marvelous warm glow this lamp will grace and warm any corner, desk or room.


Let me know what you think of it, it is a left field make, but as ever, I reckon it Turnedoutnice!


Have a fantastic day.

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