I was asked to be a best man last year and needed to make sure that the marriage of my friend Andy did not leave us with nothing to talk about in the future. We had grown up at university on a diet of beer and five a side with the odd pub quiz (more beer) thrown in.  I didn’t think this would be the case and Liz, Andy’s wife is fantastic company. They are great together, but still, as a best man I wondered what I could possibly get for my mate. The answer – a book I heard described on the radio one night – 1001 beers to try before you die.1001-beers-to-try-before-you-die-adrian-tierneyjones-2239-0-1333017668000 (It’s awesome) I bought two copies, one for me and one for my friend Andy. I’m slowly working my way through the tome, trying new beers and adding the dates I’ve drunk them.  He’s doing the same and we get to ignore world affairs, the state of the economy, the problems that life can throw at any of us and talk about beer! I thoroughly recommend the book to you as well. It’s incredibly well written, is packed full of information, tasting notes and useful snippets to make you into a “serious” beer drinker!

However, you will also need to get a bottle opener. Thankfully I can help! £12.50 of your cash, or roughly the discounted price of the book will get you a bottle opener made from hardwoods like Oak, Yew, Zebrano or Rosinga (those pictured).


If you want one, gimme a shout, I’ll stop drinking, get cracking in the garage and add to the world of serious beer drinkers!

Hic Hic Hooray!

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