Piston Clocks

pistonclock2Using up or recycled parts from dead or dying engines! Pictured is one of four pistons which took a transit van 2.6 times round the world* before the engine died and I got my sweaty mits on the pistons. They have been degreased, cleaned and then polished, you can now see all the original identifying marks on the piston face (the clock base now).

Liquid metal has been used to secure the con-rod and allow it to accept the high quality quartz clock movement. Each clock comes with a newly fitted battery and a free spare. They are available in the shop, at the reduced price of £50 (inc P&P).

Because of the clear clock design these are equally happy in an office, boardroom or lounge. They make a real statement and make awesome conversation pieces.

* Total mileage not actual journeys round the world. More likely to be up and down parts of the M1 with cement and tools on board.

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