These have to be the coolest desk items ever!

I’ve seen them with a pen / pencil area like mine and also with a business card dispenser (that’ll be two nails to me and you – it looked really tacky), but never with the lights attached. Both are from Austin cars – the green one is a mini 1275 rocker cover with “old style” desk lamp. By old style I mean it takes the light bulbs we all grew up with.

AustinF2Princess, the chrome number swaggers about in chrome on ash with eco friendly bulbs and mounts.

Both are wired with a 3A fuse, have 6A switching added and have been thoroughly tested. Both of my rockers have rust and that 1970’s engine smell to them as well as a plastic container mounted to the base to keep all the pens, pencils and paperclips safe and accessible for you. They’ve been bathed in three coats of gloss varnish and the contrast between wood and metal makes a real statement.

PrincessF3Who’s up for some rockers? The price is one where, if you need to ask, is not too expensive!

Austin is sturdy and on Mahogany and on for £40, where Princess is mounted on slightly thinner ash, boasts more modern lighting and accordingly is priced to go at £50.

Gimme a shout if you want to have the coolest desk organiser ever!AustinF3PrincessF1

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