Mini Clock

Before the piston clocks came about these were the hottest sellers on my stalls at craft fairs.

miniClock1They are designed to have a mini personality of their own. The “head” which holds the quartz clock (It’s really easy to change the battery) is turned from the same log or piece that the “body” on which it sits is made. this means that there is a 90 degree shift in the shapes and patterns in the wood grain but you should be able to match and even tell which way the head came away from the body in the production process.

Because of this design feature I use characterful woods such as Yew and Laburnham and steer away from the harder but plainer woods like Oak, Ash and African Blackwood.

Pictured here as well is a one off “drivers” clock made from Spalted Beech and featuring a faceted clock face. This, like the mini clocks will sit fantastically well on a work desk, in an office, on a dresser or mantle piece. It also has the design advantage of being suited to sitting on a dashboard or mounted into the drivers compartment of a car. For me that car would need to be a vintage MG, Jag or other UK icon from the past, but the drivers clock will certainly add to the cockpit of any car.

If you want to know what’s available now for delivery now, or if you want to place a commission then leave a comment below and I can get straight back to you. I guess you need to know that these are all priced at £30 to help you decide to make contact – don’t go telling anyone else though. 😉

Have a great day!

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