There is a small but sophisticated set of society that know some old things just can’t be improved on. Those people will appreciate this part of the turnedoutnice empire.


From days of the Empire, I have a few select fountain pens. Those pictured here are the minature fountain pens. They are far from small in terms of quality, and I’ve made them using only the best of hardwoods Leadwood, African Blackwood (pictured), Oak, and Blackwood with sapwood (pictured). They have very high quality nibs and internals and have the confident and assured weight to back up their small but mighty stature.

Because of the cost to produce (the kits are the most expensive I buy in as a regular line) and the costs of the woods these are £37.50 but sell well showing that (as with everything on the site in my humble opinion) quality and bespoke unique products will always rise to the top.

To find out what is in stock and available for immediate posting, or to get in contact to commission one, just give the page a comment and I’ll get straight back to you.

Have an imperious (Empire?ious) day!


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