Con Rod


The con rod clock has been created because I bought some none flat pistons in error.

There’s a message for life when looking at on-line auction sites! Make sure that the items you are bidding on are going to be suitable, particularly when there is a £15 postage cost.

Despite this initial mistake, I’m pleased with the outcome of how these look. The basic design is to turn a base from a hardwood (Zebrano pictured) and after mounting the clock mechanism with it’s new battery, it’s then a case of getting the con rod and the clock together.

I think these look as classy as the piston clocks, and are also cheaper to buy!

3 responses to “Con Rod

  1. Hannah Dawson


    How much is this item?
    And how heavy?


  2. Hannah Dawson

    No one but me thinks it would be a suitable gift for our boss, so I’m gonna have to leave it. Amazing stuff on here, so beautiful!

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