Lamps have come along almost by accident! Remember that I started this with small items that I could, if needed, get to a fair using my motorbike and a backpack. I’m really proud of some of them.

Have a look and see!

Volt Meter Volt_2

Volt_1£60 – Available, comes with an ‘Eddison’ bulb.

Polaroid  A 1960 and 1970’s classic matched with a silvered shade and hardwood base.

PolaroidLamp3 PolaroidCloseUp

£50 Available

MG Rocker Cover Desk Tidies  Whether it’s the Series A or the larger cover, both have hidden plastic cups for pen storage and a main desk lamp. The indicators I had in stock and are an aesthetic addition, there’s no blinking light in there!

Old_MGRocker_1 MGRocker1

£60 Each, both Available.

Fire Extinguisher, Desk Lamp. I’ve made this one as a test for some full size fire extinguisher lamps to come. The wiring for this runs through the body of the extinguisher. A surreal addition to the office!


£50 Available

Camera Lamps – Whether it was a movie or stills camera, these have all been re-purposed and then benefit from either a hardwood base or a tripod so you can have a desk or standard lamp. They all come with Edison bulbs giving off a warm welcoming light.

CameraLamps CameraLamps3

£50 – £75 All now with new owners.

Blow Torch Lamp – A re-purposed unusual vertical blow torch is now a shining brass addition to the hall table!


£60 Sold

The Second Life of a broken Flute – Mounted onto a lump of Wenge and having a music holder added as a photo holder, this is a real beauty!


£100 Available

Uncle Tom’s Potting Shed Lamp – A Mysto garden sprayer with Edison bulb added. The wiring runs through the body of the sprayer making this a real tidy and fun job for a desk or office.


£65 Sold

Dron Wall Sprayer Lamp : The model on which Uncle Tom’s Potting Shed Lamp was based on!

IMG_5261 IMG_5262

£65 Sold

Optimus Primus Stove Lamp #2 : This one looks as good as the first, with a huge Edison bulb replacing the flame. I love the contrast with the well used pan stand rust and the shiny brass body. A stunning desk lamp!

IMG_5267 IMG_5266

£75 Sold

Optimus 00 Primus Stove Lamp : This was the prototype, it worked! The 00 stove has been drilled and re-purposed to allow for the electrics for the huge Squirrel cage Edison bulb. A stunning lamp which sold at the first attempt.

photo 4b photo 3b photo 1

£75 Sold

Yamaha Gear box / Clutch Lamp : This needed the angle grinder to be used to make sure that the base was level and would work. However, the main shaft is hollow making this a must do! After sparks and cooling time the the electrics run through the base brilliantly…… rather like the lamp if you don’t mind me saying so!

photo 3 photo 2

£75 Sold

Bonkers Steam Punk Voltometer : I saw the box and had to have it! After quite a bit of renovation it was set to become a donor base for a lovely Edison lamp. It sold on the first day out so the £75 was probably a bit cheap given the time, costs and labour that went into the thing, but it really is unique!

Barnabus3 Barnabus1

£75 Sold

Camshaft and Piston Lamps : These were the first ones off the lathe and were done as centre pieces for stalls at markets round Christmas. Am I surprised they sold? No, they look fantastic. I’ll always return to camshafts to make a lamp with again. If only I could source a regular and reasonably priced supply of shafts and pistons.

capri_desktidyLamp Camshaft_Mondeo minicam1

Camshafts £90, Piston £55 – All sold!