Secret Key

My second favourite design (after the combination bottle stopper) is this USA imported kit.

Jeyring1The bloke that sells me the keyring kits suggests you should hide away a stash of toothpicks in your keyring so that if you ever have anything stuck in between your beautiful pearly whites then you have an at hand stash of emergency picks to dig it out with. Other than being a bit gross, I think he’s wrong. You need to have a rolled up £20 in there. Then, if disaster does strike and you have your wallet nicked or your bag snatched, as long as you still have your keys, then you will still have your emergency cash.

These are made from a stainless steel 10mm interior and will have a hardwood surround turned by me. The examples show African Blackwood and a Rosinga version. The bunch of keys are my own and you can see that after three years in the pockets of the Boss! then there is some loss of gloss to the wood, but the added patina more than makes up for it, and that there is some loss of plating around the top of the keyring. However, this is a hard wearing and durable product.

I can supply these with a used £20 included, but that will cost you £35. I suggest you grab a bargain and get the empty one for only £12.50 (can you see what I did there?). As normal, leave a comment if you are interested and I’ll get straight back to you with a delivery date for your commission, or let you know what I’ve got for immediate transfer to you – the only choice now is with a £20 note for £35 or on its own for £12.50.

Keyring2Have a great number crunching day working out what you want!


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