Please drop me an e-mail if you have any commissions or ideas. These are all one offs! ( )

These have been huge fun to make. Thank you so much to Gavin at HG Motorcycles, Kent Street, Preston. Not just an awesome mechanic, but a brilliant bloke who shares my passion for reuse. He’s kept my bikes on the road, possibly longer than they should have been, and has also spotted interesting bits and pieces I can use in some of the clocks below.

Spanish Rear Brake Disc


£ – A Present for a transport mad young man.

Sprocket Skeleton Marriage Three donor items needed to make this. It’s the gaps that make this awesome!


£35 Sold

Black Cog Alarm Mechanical Clock : This one needed the angle grinder to create a small ‘V’ to allow the wind up clock (with alarm) to fit into the central recess. The cog also took ages to get anywhere close to clean. However, the work was worth it I think.


£35 Sold

Silver Cog : Smiths Face : Another three donor item. The clock face is from a wooden mantle clock. The oversize hands allow the cog and face to marry together well. As it a quartz mechanism its just a case of deciding if you are having a seen mount through the top cog bolt hole, or a hidden one using the inner.


£35 Sold

BMW Disc Brake Clock / Hub Cap Clocks: The Disc brake clock was the original prototype. I like the regular pattern of the cooling holes. The Hub Caps are a staple of my market stalls, but are getting more difficult to obtain. Gimme a shout of you have a specific marque or model – I might have had a stroke of luck and have a suitable cap in stock for you!

BMWDiskClock 9littlehubcaps

£40 Disc Clock : £15-£30 Hub Cap Clocks (dependent on the cost of the hubcap) : The ones here are sold, but check current stocks!