Wine Stopper

I get these kits from the UK and they are great for those of you who don’t drink a whole bottle of wine in one go. Featuring a high quality rubber ring to seal the bottle from the elements and which uses the weight of the wooden handle and steel stopper to ensure that it’s an air tight seal. These are aesthetically pleasing and when combined with a choice hardwood, with blemish, burr, knot or spalting really make a statement. One which will add to the dinner party!


These have been superceded by the combination stopper / corkscrew designs which I now import from the USA. Hence their equally attractive price of only £12.50.

Pictured here are a “one off” in Yew at the bottom of the picture and then Oak, African Blackwood with captive ring and rosewood at the top of shot.

Usual rules for if you want one – I’ll take a commission, I can let you know what I’ve got ready made for immediate dispatch , all you need to do is let me know you are interested by leaving a comment.

Have a great day!

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