I’ve taken the slimline slim pen and beefed it out a bit.

Many turners will charge the same as I do £12.50 for a slimline pen and will turn out some standard formulaic pen in Ash or Elm and be happy with their work. Now don’t get me wrong, many regional and local turners are very good and their work and pens are well worth the £12.50 being charged.


What makes mine different?

Well two things actually! The first is that I’ve started to make mixed media pens. These are the pens, some shown here, which are the UK and worldwide hardwoods, but which have also had Corrian (fake marble) added to the pen grips. This has two distinct advantages for the writer, that of saving the finish on the wood and also allowing for easier purchase when writing.

The second unique feature in my slim and not so slim pens are the bulbs I’ve added to some of the lower halves. This helps both young, and particularly old users, to grip the pens easier than the standard designs. I’ve worked with my wifes grandmother to ensure that the designs I’ve got work well with people who suffer from Arthritis, the bulbing in the pen lower makes for a more comfortable time, allowing “granny” longer to solve her wordsearches and crosswords before using the same pen to play along with Countdown and the other quizzes that kept her going through the afternoons.

If you are after a slim slimline get in contact I can make them just the same as anyone else. Equally if you are after a not so slim, fattened slimline, or one with the added Corrian then get in touch. I’ve got a whole range of woods – Cherry, Oak, Elm, Ash, Yew, Rosewood, Walnut from the UK and more exotics from around the world, Purpleheart, Blackwood, Zebrano, Rosinga, Leadwood. I’ve also got a small shelf with Corrian ready to go – my pallette ranges from arctic white, through many blues, reds, earth tones and shades of grey through to solid black. The pens come in red, blue, green and black finishes along with more popular copper, gold, satin gold, chromed silver, and satin chrome.Slimline

So thats

3 styles

12 woods

9 pen finishes

That’s 324 different options before we add in another 10 options or more for the Corrian

3,240 different options……..

Let me know your choices, or give me a shout to found out what I’ve got ready for immediate dispatch.

Have a great day!


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