Total Retro Show – Westmorland Showground LA7 7NH

I’ll be there from bright and early on Sunday. is delighted to sponsor the “Show ‘n’ Shine” competition. The trophy is made out of turned Lignum Vitae – the hardest and densest wood traded (legally) in the world. It’s what they used to make police truncheons out of and the piece here has fantastic colouration and was begging to have some antique oil shine. Atop is a Renault conrod.


ShownShineTrophyI’m looking forward to seeing some awesome 70’s cars, as well as talking all things petrol and showing off some new unique items.


I’ve got a rear brake disk from a BMW ’80’s motorbike – now a wall clock. The wood is fixed to the disk using two sixpenny piece washers, re-cycle, re-use!

BMWDiskClockFinally, to go with the stripped and reused Yamaha R1 Gearbox which is now a bunch of desk tidies, I’ve got a range of hubcap clocks.


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