New Use for wing mirrors

My regular customers will know I’ve been making these for a while, and that they are VERY popular. However, I’ve not been shouting about them, and maybe it’s time I did!


What better use for an old wing mirror?

Ladies, you can make sure that your significant other is ready to be shown out on your arm, and that he has no excuse for not being immaculately groomed! Whether he’s a child of the 70’s, a motor fiend, or a plain petrol head, what better way to get him to look into a mirror and to get grooming than to give him a wing mirror!


Each is mounted onto highly varnished hardwood and has a selection of appropriate grooming tools. He’ll never look better.

Drop me a line for what I’ve got in stock, or if you have special requirements. Prices are £30 and upwards, dependent on the base, the grooming products and how difficult the wing mirror required is to get hold of!

Hear from you soon!


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