Off my Rocker

Using a series A rocker cover I’ve had some fun making this. Not least meeting the awesome team at The Woodhouse in Preston.

They do in wood everything I do in up cycling engine bits and bobs and more! As an education project they are fantastic. They fit into the #legup idea.

Damian and his crew supplied the base for this (and my next project) hand cutting recycled timber for me. There’s a Lucas indicator added for fun and a repurposed lamp with new retro bulb.

This is a 28w bulb with a screw over dimple bulb. It gives a fantastic light to work to.

The desk tidy is completed with pen tidy (there’s a cup insert inside the rocker) whilst retaining the period oil cap.

Stocked at Life’s Little Larks, Glovers Court, Preston, in ‘the man corner.’ Make sure you get to Stocks Road in Ashton too, for The Woodhouse. I’m sure you’ll be pleased you did.

Have a fantastic day!

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