Shot Guns a Go-Go

The madness of guns around the world and the daily killing of people making us numb to violence I’ve had a think and come up with a far better use of casings and shells. As you know I make pens from bullets, why not also make a hatstand or two?


This one is made from reclaimed pallet wood which has been sanded waxed and treated to some TLC. Added are four ‘Victory 12 gauge’ shell cases mounted from the reverse and one of the new Turnedoutnice part plates.



As you can see each part plate has a unique item number, this one is SG017 (Shot Gun piece 17) and a date is also stamped on, in this case 13th July.

I’ll add a page to the products part of the site in due course, in the meantime have a fantastic day. I’ll leave you with a couple more images of them.



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