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.com or .org?

I thought I was reasonably technically savvy, but I spent an interesting morning with my friend Dan Jones DJ, trying to fathom the differences between our two blogs and sites. One major difference is that his is up, running and healthy, so I thought he was a good starting place, and I was right. He makes excellent home made bread and is a great host. Unfortunately we wasted a lot of time working out that his site is on a wordpress.org set up and mine is on a wordpress.com setup.



What’s the difference? Well I’m still not sure, his has his own webspace and so he gets some great applications running in the background. Mine is hosted by wordpress, but surely wordpress and wordpress will have some similarities? Let’s say the jury is out……

We are both men of relatively simple tastes (wives apart obviously!) We want to suggest our customers pay our websites a visit, we want them to see our facebook pages, to be updated via twitter, and in my case, to send them off to a shop to buy some products. Dan will want a date for your event and a deposit for his disco services. We also want to do all of this quickly, without the aid of a fourteen year old who is incapable of speaking English, or English we understand, and we want to do this as efficiently as possible.

I have a heavy heart and the same sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as all those who have had beefburgers recently as I suspect that this is not going to be easy, or cheap. Wish me luck, I may be some time!

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