Polishing my piston

This is not a euphemism, it is what I did most of Sunday morning. Have a look!


Here’s the before, a very dirty bottom I think you’ll agree. I guess if I’d done the equivalent of two and a half times round the world, having 200 explosions on my surface at engine tick over, I’d have built up some discolouration and  residue. Cue two hours of elbow grease, some polishes, some other chemicals and quite a bit of hard work.

The result?

Have a look.


This is now ready for the new clock mechanisms I’ve got hold of and will be on a stall near you (if you’re in the North West of England) at a craft fair very soon!

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One response to “Polishing my piston

  1. nic deery

    I don’t have garage, I use the dining room. I say ‘use’ I mean I put stuff in there to do, and I cannot now get in there myself to do any thing with it. But it’ll keep a while yet. Don’t worry about it though garages are for putting things in, don’t feel compelled to mess with it when it’s there.

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