It’s been a while!

I need to get more organised on here! When I update one of the social media I need the short message to be added to the site and vise verca. I’ve been busy in the garage and have some new products, and have also been to the first of the new seasons fairs.

Yesterday saw me back at Lytham Hall, unfortunately in a quiet room with not all the planned stall holders for there turning up. (What’s that about? – you book the event, pay for it and then don’t bother turning up!)

As part of a Mini meet, 120 mini owners, taking pride and polish to their machines in the mud and rain of a Lancashire field. Nonetheless, an enjoyable day, a couple of good sales and a few more quid in my pocket than at the start of the day.

I’ll be using the garage more, and promise to let you know what’s going on by getting more organised electronically as well.Image

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