High End Raw Materials

New raw materials in stock! Look out for some new makes including MG, Daimler, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

Off into the turnedoutnice man cave. Bangs and clangs forthcoming….


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Triumph of a make


 I think the badge is from the loved (and lost) Dolomite. It’s mounted directly (no glue or filler here) onto a hardwood mount. The top has been left as the bark / trunk with the faces sanded from S2 grit down to fine and then antique oiled. Another coat before being posted. 

Comment or mail to buy. 

£32.50 inc p&p (UK)

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Key Chains

Back in stock and new lower price!

I have a variety of gauge chains and an awesome cleaning product from J&S Accessories (Preston), so am in the Man Cave and making……

As an re-introductory offer how does £5.50 including p&p sound? Remember these used to be £6 plus p&p, so I make that 20% cheaper, based on 85 pence postage. Gimme a shout at paul@turnedoutnice.co.uk  when they go into the shop they will have to be £6 again, so bargain grab away-hey-hey!

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Pens a go go

I realised when at @LifesLilLarks the other day that with all my lamp making I have been ignoring the pens I  make.

This first is a mahogany one made for crossword doers and doodlers alike. The bulb end is great for arthritis sufferers, giving more feel to writing. 

It’s also great for ‘players’ who like to know they have something to hold as they think.

I’ve said for a long time that the pen picks it’s owner not the other way about.

I had so much fun in the Man Cave that this Blackwood (and pale growth wood) pen came out along with a few more.

All off to Glovers Court and the best gift shop in Lancashire. (Life’s Little Larks, of course!)

Have a great day, off to attempt the crossword!

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MG Rocker Desk Tidy / Lamp

Using another base from the awesome Woodhouse (Stocks Rd, Ashton, Preston) which has been stained and waxed, this MG Rocker Desk Tidy has a low wattage bulb.

The lamp is a brand new chain store lamp with the base removed. The rocker cover has had the standard fitting ground out to allow the lamp to fit.

The indicator is a fun addition for petrol heads.

Finally the oil duct is cleaned and has a plastic cup added so whatever pens are stored cannot be lost inside the desk tidy.

It will make it into Life’s Little Larks on Glovers Court. It will grace any petrol head’s desk.

Have a great day!

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Off my Rocker

Using a series A rocker cover I’ve had some fun making this. Not least meeting the awesome team at The Woodhouse in Preston.

They do in wood everything I do in up cycling engine bits and bobs and more! As an education project they are fantastic. They fit into the #legup idea.

Damian and his crew supplied the base for this (and my next project) hand cutting recycled timber for me. There’s a Lucas indicator added for fun and a repurposed lamp with new retro bulb.

This is a 28w bulb with a screw over dimple bulb. It gives a fantastic light to work to.

The desk tidy is completed with pen tidy (there’s a cup insert inside the rocker) whilst retaining the period oil cap.

Stocked at Life’s Little Larks, Glovers Court, Preston, in ‘the man corner.’ Make sure you get to Stocks Road in Ashton too, for The Woodhouse. I’m sure you’ll be pleased you did.

Have a fantastic day!

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Uncle Tom’s Potting Shed Lamp

The lamp base is a repurposed No6 Mysto pump spray gun from the 50’s/60’s.

Was Uncle Tom and his awesome potting shed the inspiration for the logo? I hope so!

The lamp benefits from new electrics throughout, a suitable 5 amp fuse, (how many new ones just have an over the top 13 amp in?) and a new, but “old school” ladder bulb. I’ve embellished it with a crystal and tassel.


  This spreads a warm glow whether sheltering with a brew in the shed from a shower, or using it as a desk lamp or statement piece.

As ever it will be available from Life’s Little Larks, Glovers Court, Preston from the morning. I’m off to see what other treasures are in Old Tom’s shed.

Have a great day!

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