Shotgun Pallet Clock

I’ve had fun with some shotgun cases I’ve been given. These are 20 bore (smaller gun and cartridge than a 12 bore) and after they’d been ironed they were ready for use.

You did read that right. The best method for removing the plastic casing from a shotgun cartridge is to heat the metal part up on an iron.


Please don’t be a muppet. Make sure your cartridges are spent ones. And be careful when you’ve heated them, they can be hot, the plastic can also be melted!

These then got together with some hot glue, and a fettled (dyed and waxed) scrap off a pallet. Much sanding, planing and work later, and well, it Turnedoutnice!


Have an awesome day!

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Corporal Dunn’s Rectifier

The Eddison bulb finishes this make off fantastically I think. It throws a beautiful warm light which is reflected by the circuit diagram for this MOD rectifier.  

All of the innards have been removed as the transformer blocked the light fitting. The space below the board now has room for a safety loop and jam pull for the cord.

New plug, fuse and bulb are added to a period brass fitting. All in all it Turnedoutnice!

Don’t panic!

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Hi Five

I got some plastic fingers recently. The ones that Nail Technicians practice with doing acrylic nails. Here’s my first hat stand from them.

Some pallet wood, blood paint and the BF code, Bloody Fingers, and look what we got!

I’ve got six left, looks like we are going to get a “Burnley” hatstand!

Have a great day!

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Shot Guns a Go-Go

The madness of guns around the world and the daily killing of people making us numb to violence I’ve had a think and come up with a far better use of casings and shells. As you know I make pens from bullets, why not also make a hatstand or two?


This one is made from reclaimed pallet wood which has been sanded waxed and treated to some TLC. Added are four ‘Victory 12 gauge’ shell cases mounted from the reverse and one of the new Turnedoutnice part plates.



As you can see each part plate has a unique item number, this one is SG017 (Shot Gun piece 17) and a date is also stamped on, in this case 13th July.

I’ll add a page to the products part of the site in due course, in the meantime have a fantastic day. I’ll leave you with a couple more images of them.



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Turnedoutnice is still nice, and still European.

Bonjour! Ola! Dobriy den! Zdravstvuyte! Hej! Guten tag! Tere! Ciao! Kaixo!  Zdraveĭte! Góðan dag! Jó napot! Geia sas! Sveiki! Moïen! Zdravo! Dobar dan! Zdravstvujtie! Hallå!  Salut! Komentari!  Merhaba! Përshëndetje! Barev Dzez! Goeie dei!

Just to be clear, for all the people looking at the lovely upcycled, repurposed items I make. I’m happy to price in any currency you like, and to take payments as such. The UK may have made a crazy, separatist, insular decision, but Turnedoutnice is still nice, still European and still here!

Have a look around, get in contact and have a great day.

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Engine case coathook 

Venerable and vintage engine case, is it a Vincent?, meets the Turnedoutnice method and some reclaimed hardwood.


I could see this in any petrolheads office. What better place for the boss, or a visitor to hang their coat?

Have a fantastic week!


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Valves and caps

Another interesting Autojumble weekend has produced some new products…….

For the disorganised petrol head there is the key cap coathook.  It uses a 1970’s French petrol cap, maybe the most valuable thing on a deuc chevaux? And a valve rod to hang the coat on.

The others are either single injection coat hook or a double from MG. 

Have a great week!

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